4 April 2008

Napoleon Script Resurfaces on Interwebs

The Stanley Kubrick estate asked the web to keep the Napoleon script off the grid while it sought to publish the screenplay in book form. Looks like there has been a breach of the embargo. Or else it could be a guerrilla plan to promote the upcoming book. Either way, get it while it lasts. I will be blogging on excerpts of the script in the coming days. I look forward to commenting on the military aspects of the screenplay and its portrayal of Josephine and Napoleon's sexual appetites.

Picture of the day. I have liked blogging on the Stanley Kubrick Napoleon project so much I decided to blog about another upcoming La Boca Production: a Hollywood style bio-pic of the baseball hall of famer Roberto Clemente. Isn't it about time my friends for sports to return to the myth of the self less hero. There is too much made in the media of the darker side of sports which has only reflected the coarsening of the societies supporting professional teams. Be it an orgy with harlots or performance enhancing drugs or even gunplay, many more of the heroes of today are considerably tarnished when you think back to the way players lived during last century's middle period. Particularly in the United States. Roberto Clemente was born dirt poor during the Depression; as an adult he never missed a chance to extend a helping hand or to speak out against oppression. He was an inspiration to his teammates and seemed to defy the effects of age by playing better as he got older. Clemente was on a plane loaded with supplies bound for earthquake survivors in Nicaragua. The plane crashed moments after take off and was never recovered. The mercy flight went down at the very tip of the Bermuda Triangle.

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