30 April 2008

Kubrick's Daughter Documents the Making of The Shining

Vivian Kubrick was seventeen years old when her father was making "The Shining." I have posted below her the documentary she shot behind the scenes during the production of the movie, along with her commentary track.

Watch closely for the moments Stanley Kubrick is directing Shelley Duvall during the world record for the most takes for one movie scene. Is this further evidence that Kubrick suffered from Asperger?


uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh said...

Suffered? If he had Asperger's Syndrome, it must have been a boon to his intelligence and mastery of film.

Administrator said...

Asperger? Really? That is the most ridiculous suggestion I have ever heard...in fact, who ever is spamming this negative crap about Stanley Kubrick is just looking to create drama where there is none. Any set can be intense, especially when working with so many variables. Why do you think you dont see a lot of Raw behind the scenes footages? Most directors are intense, direct - and focused to get a group of actors to be spot on, and keep within a budget. for anyone to try to put a negative spin on Stanley is just a mean spirited person - that is trying to make money off Kubrick indirectly. by creating something that is not there. How offensive!~ Any director would be offended by your statements. get a life..you are not a filmmaker are you?